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The Magic of Lexington, Virginia

Lexington, Virginia is special in a myriad of ways. From the quaintness of its red-brick streets in town, to its outstretched country fields and the way sunlight makes them glow in the springtime. The bricks in Lexington are made with unique designs that many take inspiration from and turn into jewelry and art pieces, which I think is a fun fact.

I feel with time I am increasingly appreciative of my education there, at Washington & Lee, largely when thinking back on my photography classes (I'll be the first to admit I don't reflect on my business major efforts with such fondness or clear recollection...but hopefully some of that stifled classroom time will continue seeping through my brain. The fact I made an A in finance truly means anything in this world is possible. If the classrooms I took accounting in had bright moroccan rugs and art gallery walls I probably would have done better.).

Lexington is home to a woman named Sally Mann - a celebrated photographer who is gifted in capturing moments that hold as much emotion and story as they do beauty. I was lucky enough to take classes that encouraged me to get out and explore many of the same landscapes she photographs, with fancy cameras I have certainly forgotten how to properly operate, followed by time spent in dark rooms where we made magic appear on film. These classes also taught me about photographers like Sally Mann - other favorites I learned about include Joel Meyerowitz (his photos taken on the cape are DELICIOUS - see here for one of my all-time favorite photos, scroll to the peaches), Willam Eggleston (the father of color photography AND who I later learned was friends with my very own Uncle Sonny of Moundville, Alabama!), Henri Cartier-Bresson (a Frenchman and street photography pioneer), and my very own photography professor of a few years, Christa Bowden, who is extremely talented as well (her photos of Cumberland Island are inspiring to me).

This past March, a group of dear school friends (several were missed) went back to this place, and stayed on a property we continue returning to called "Lazy Acres Farm" - complete with a horse ring, cows, rolling hills, the whole shebang. My camera, of course, came with me - my own personal trusty steed, and I enjoyed capturing Lexington in all its small-town, pastoral glory.

are you looking at me?


weeping dramatically gorgeous

a path to follow

pond reflection

lazy acres farm on top of the hill

i don't know which shot i like better here..cow spliced in two or just the boot? really tried to have him centered in the iron fence frame...did not achieve said goal. still like it...just a bit off.


sittin' on the dock of the hay-bay

dear reader, if you made it this far, congrats and thank you!

to continue (and eventually end) the story, another reason i am so appreciative of lexington is because it didn't always start out that way with me. it took me the majority of a school year to actually become in tune and in love with the place, a lesson that no matter where you are, with the right people, you will always have fun. lucky to have found mine <3.



genna & i dancing in front of house mountain

extra extra

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