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Love Letter to Summer

Dear Summer,

We are in the doldrums of winter's last breath here in Charleston, South Carolina, and I have never missed you as badly as I do right now on this February Sunday. I know I have it darn good here, too, compared to places with less forgiving climates, and yet here I am writing this to you.

I thought I 'd roundup a few favorite photos of times we have spent together, to see if that will perhaps encourage you to come quickly. I know I'll be swearing at you after months of sizzling heat and sweating, but for now I would do just about anything to be running barefoot on the beach headed straight for the ocean, relaxing on a porch outside at 8pm as the sun is just setting, or having my flip flops constantly by the door ready to be thrown on, rather than the boots that rest there now.

Do you remember when my bathing suits were constantly laid out to dry on the outdoor shower?

Or that time we played badminton on the beach...

Remember last summer when I climbed up to the top of a Nantucket house to take this photo from above (I had to have the neighbor's widow's walk in my direct eye line for the perfect shot)...

Those flowers were really showing off for you. Hot pink hunnies!

When we gathered around the outdoor table to eat our 4th of July paella dinner in all your evening glory (people really go crazy for you on that day, you know)...

I loved the festive table setting for that meal with dear friends who live in big cities far away...

I know you remember the juicy peaches that hit their prime in your season.

Do you remember the sunsets you created? I don't think you could forget those colors, like this purple-orange ombré you showed me in St. Helena...

Even the reflection on the windows was so beautiful I had to capture the dream-like image.

Lawn chairs ready to be lounged on, Jeeps with no doors, towels on the laundry line...I love these sights of yours, summer.

Your bucket-hat wearing, recklessly sunburnt, salty-skinned and sun-bleached blonde JJ is ready for ya, summer!

See you soon?



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