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My Favorite Things: Switzerland Edition

To read this post properly, it is essential you have the tune of a certain song in your head. That song is none other than Julie Andrews' Sound of Music masterpiece, "My Favorite Things."

The Sound of Music is a film that had a massive impression on me as a child. I've been Fräulein Maria for Halloween, seen the 3-hour movie probably 500 times, know the word to every song, and when I was a camp counselor, persuaded my camper troupe to re-enact "So Long, Farewell." Not an easy feat, but so satisfying as the director. Hope they enjoyed that.

My sister and I are fortunate to have parents who love to travel and have the tolerance to bring their children along with them on their many adventures. This past Christmas break, we journeyed to Zermatt, Switzerland. Magical is an appropriate word to describe this place - the skiing hills are vast, the town is quaint, the restaurants unique and delicious, and the people all lovely. For one of my favorite dinners we had on Christmas Eve at Aroleid Restaurant, the cab had to stop short of a particularly icy road, thus we had to walk on it, and I won't name names, but one of us absolutely busted it due to an unwise and impractical evening shoe choice. Right before entering the chalet, we noticed a vintage Range Rover with studded ice tires. Naturally, my dad asked me to find out who owned the car and see if they would drive us down to the cab so we didn't have to risk slipping and cracking our skulls open again. I asked the server, who informed us it was owned by, well, the owner. Of the restaurant. And that's how we got driven down an iced-over driveway by a very nice man from Czechoslovakia in my dream car.

ANYWHO, of course, my canon sure shot camera came with me on the trip! I figured a fun way to show a few of my favorite shots from the trip would be best illustrated alongside my own version of the "My Favorite Things" song.

For maximum enjoyment whilst reading, please assume the tune of the song in your head, and here we go (don't worry I capped it at one verse)....

White-capped Swiss mountains…

and blue-paneled shutters

Pops of red flowers…

 and white shirts that flutter

Winding town back roads…

 and church bells that ring

These are a few of my favorite things <3




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