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Ocean's 8: Movie Review + A Shallow Fashion Dive

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

John Mulaney, you know I love you, but when you said “you could never put together a heist of women…like ocean’s 11, with women, wouldn’t work,” you were dead wrong. Watching Ocean’s 8 for the first time was a wonderful cinematic experience for me, so worth the $4.99 I paid on YouTube. And then I paid it again to watch it a second time within 48 hours. The beautiful blend of characters with all of their different personalities, styles, and backgrounds makes for a hilarious dialogue that I highly enjoyed. Rihanna + Awkwafina + Sandra Bullock + so many more...

There’s more Cartier in that movie than hot dogs on Stanley Island on the 4th of July. That’s a good thing.


I loved the majority of the styles that were shown throughout the movie, however I have to tip my top hat off to Cate Blanchett (or her stylist...who’s to say). All of her outfits brought me intense joy and swung me into a whirlwind of “fangirling” I never thought possible. She is the definition of cool and ease, all mixed together like a fancy glass of New Zealand red wine.

My favorite looks:

1) Her velvet green emerald suit.

Paired with banger gold jewelry, accessorized with a walk that just oozes "I know what I'm doing." What confidence. Rich texture in elegant cuts.

2) The cheetah print jacket.

The CHEETAH. PRINT. JACKET. Paired with a rock n roll type, distressed tee underneath. And some sort of green scarf tied tightly around her neck. It’s the details here, people. All the gold accents tying everything togther, from the belt to the earrings, necklaces, and everything in between. Gorgeous.

3) The baby blue suit combo.

I mean wow. The silk stripe down the leg of the pant, the vintage buttons decorating the arm sleeves, and of course the oodles and doodle so chunky gold jewelry.

Cate manages to have this aura of a stylish pirate throughout the film…always rockin’ a power combo with carefully selected layered pieces. Her outfits are like beautiful puzzles, each piece as important as the next. From her gold belt buckles to her show-stopper statement jewelry, I never got old of seeing her looks in the movie. In fact, I’m going to watch it again tonight.




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